From the recording Turning up the Weekend


Turning up the Weekend
Verse 1
Watching the clock thinking she almost did it
When hands hit 5 well she’ll be gone in a minute
Yeah she’s been dreaming all-day
Tomorrow is her birthday
And she’s just waiting til the workday’s done

Chorus 1
Now she’s cruising down that open freeway
Hair in the wind, hot jams on the airwaves
Hurrying it up to make it by dinnertime
She’ll stop and grab some ‘White Claws’ on her way
Tapping the wheel just singing her heart away
Looking forward to hanging with her best friends…

And turning up the weekend

Verse 2
Just one more acre and then he did it
Sweating that old combine really dampens his spirit
But he’s been texting all-day
His buddies are already on the way
Just a few more lanes and then he’s done

Chorus 2
Now he’s tearing on down that open highway
Got the pedal down, country music on the airwaves
Hurrying it up to make it by suppertime
He’ll stop and grab a six-pack on his way
Slapping the wheel just singing his heart away
Ready to drink it up with his best friends

And turning up the weekend

No matter if you’re camping, floating, or fishing big mouth bass
The only thing that really matters is to let the good times last

Chorus 3
Now we’re moving on down the streets and byways
Smiling to the world, hot tunes on the airwaves
Giddy on up and we’ll make it there in time
We’ll stop and fill the coolers on our way
Slamming a burger while grinning our hearts away
Ready to party it up with our best friends

And turning up the weekend