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Strange Sensation

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GOTTA HAVE FUN! In this newest installment of Brian Walton's Top 10 hit "Strange Sensation", JoAnna Leaton delivers a command performance with undeniable skill and power ala Reba or Wynonna. Powerful guitar riffs, impeccable drum work, and strategically placed brass hits only enhance the energy even more which is guaranteed to have you dancing in the streets!

Brian Walton first wrote and composed "Strange Sensation" in 1986 in collaboration with singer/songwriter Jill Colucci (Travis Tritt/Wynonna Judd) elements of which were featured in the ABC television series "America's Funniest Home Videos" (1990) and Wynonna Judd's top country hit "No one else on Earth" (1992). Brian rewrote the lyrics and included the song on his debut album "Made in the Shade" in 1993 which rose to Billboard's top 100 ranking in 1994.

Written, composed, and performed by Brian Walton (ASCAP/SGA/SCL) for Musty Dungeon/Disney Studios. JoAnna Leaton: lead vocals, Loreli McBroom: background vocals.


Verse 1
It’s been so right since we’re together
Just thick and thin through every weather
I was so tired of walking that lonely road
I needed you to help me carry the load

You stole my heart
And you touched my soul
Right from the start
You made me lose control
Each day I pray
I wake to you by my side
And I know one day
I’ll lose all my pride

Love for me was a strange sensation
Now I’m on the border of infatuation
You move my body and you move my soul
You taught this girl how to lose control

Verse 2
My life before had been a little too hard
Them little boys always had me on guard
So glad you found your way back to me
And now my troubles are history


Chorus 2x