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Made in the Shade (Redux)

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Revamp of the popular 1993 hit created specifically for Disney Studios.
Songwriter: Brian Walton (ASCAP/SCL/SGA)
Producer: Brian Walton (MPAA) for Musty Dungeon Studios (Sony)
Performers: Vilac and Lilo Miloslav (Brass), Terry Hall (Percussion), Brian Walton (Vocals, Keyboards, and Guitars)


Verse 1
I got an old pair of Dingo’s on
And a wore out Stetson hat
I got a faded pair of Levi’s on
And dark Shades on at that
Cause I got it made in the shade
And you can count on that
Verse 2
I got a quarter in the Jukebox
It’s playing them East Texas Blues
I got a bottle of comfort at the bar
And a lady who knows what to do
Cause I got it made in the shade
And we gonna roll right over you
Well I’m down at the Honky-Tonk
Just a-having a real good time
Throwing back that 90 proof
And starting to feel just fine
I got some friends in the corner
Yeah. we close this bar every night
And when a stranger comes, well then I’ll tell you, friend
We always end up treating ‘em right