1. The Karen Song

From the recording The Karen Song

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Written and Composed by Brian Walton. Mixed, Mastered, and Produced at Musty Dungeon Studios in Challis Idaho.

Brian Walton: Piano, Bass, Guitars, and Vocals
Bart Dietvorst: Rythum and Lead Guitars
Daniel Beachy: Pedal Steel Guitar
Cory Bergeron: Drums


Verse 1:
Standing in line at the grocery store
Checking my pockets looking for cash
When up came this lady all wild-eyed and crazy
She wanted to kick my ass

She poked me and said how dare you
Not let a mother with child cut in
Well I looked around and pointed out with a frown
“You’re kid’s outside near the trash bin”

Well she was the queen in high school
Smart girl, the top of her class
But she took to liquor, posted pictures on Twitter
And showed off her naked dance

Now it’s T-Shirts, sunglasses, and leggings
Cases of whine is what she’s drinking
She no longer cares, so you better beware
‘Cause she can’t understand normal thanking

Verse 2:
One time I went to the movies
I settled in and took off my hat
When in came two ladies, dressed like the eighties
I swear one was holding her cat

They proceeded to sit behind me
Talking away while kicking my back
I turned to complain which turned out in vain
‘Cause a purse hit my head with a Whack!