That girl knows how to wear the blues

Watching the game on widescreen
Turned my head to look and see
There was a Ruckus at the bar
Thought to myself, “what could this be”
Three little girls were screaming “Yee Haw”
Swinging and chugging their drinks as they came in
C B# B A# A D
All those old boys suck it in whenever those girls put on them blues

Darts go flying every which way
And pool cues hit the floor
Old boys praying for one more day
As the bar man starts to pour

A little bit of that liquid “He Man”
You know the kind that puts hair on your chest

All my boys with their mouth wide open eyeing them girls who wear those blues

City boys and Rednecks
All get lost in those low cut jeans

Bouncy little tramp stamps
Just makes it better if you know what I mean

Lord, that girl knows how to wear the blues.