Watch That Girl Go Review
“Watch That Girl Go” is one of the longest-running Jingles ever recorded. To this day over 30 years!
Brian Walton’s “Watch That Girl Go” first breathed life as a Jingle for the Maybelline “Go Girl” Campaign in 1984. Written and Composed by Brian in collaboration with Burt Bacharach and Phil Ramone, the original version of the song was much more orchestrated and didn’t much resemble the later Country version. However, both have been staples of the Maybelline brand since their inception making “Watch That Girl Go” one of the longest-running Jingles ever recorded. 38 years and counting at the time of this writing.

While working on the “Made in the Shade” album in 1993, Brian need a “filler” track to round out the compilation. So he, Micky Henke, and Udo Guckelsburger sat down in a late-night recording session and completely rewrote the original as a Country song. After the album was released, much to Brian’s surprise, Maybelline immediately licensed the song and featured it in its advertisement campaigns worldwide. And it is still being played to this day in Europe and South America.

I can understand why Brian intended the Country version of “Watch That Girl Go” to be a “B” side filler. On its own, the Hook just isn’t that memorable. Even bolstered with incredible backup vocals. However, the bridges are memorable featuring a rapid-fire innovative cadence that I could imagine singing along with while cruising down the road.

Equally memorable and innovative is Brian’s lead guitar work. It starts off as a “slow-hand” style and then surprises the listener with a ripping riff sliding back into that “slow-hand” style again. The effect is like getting punched in the arm while dozing off. Very effective.

The song as a whole is very upbeat, exciting, and sexy. The lyrics are laced with humorful innuendos bordering on stereotypical, but entertaining all the same. And, as with all of Brian’s recordings, the musicianship is top-notch and professionally executed.
General Information
Title: Watch That Girl Go
Album: Made in the Shade
Release Date: June 1, 1993
ISRC: usdy41953384

Written and Composed by Brian Walton
Jingle version: A&R Recording Studio A1 New York, New York on August 1984.
Country version: Giessener Rundfunk Studio in Giessen Germany on January 1993
Digitally remastered: Musty Dungeon Studios in Challis Idaho on June 2022
Musical Credits:
Brian Walton: Vocals, Rhythm, and Lead Guitars
Micky Henke: Bass, Vocals, and additional Guitars
Udo Guckelsberger: Drums


Well it's a steamy hot Friday night, I’m ready to go
All dressed up to take my babe to the show
I was just out the door, there went the telephone line
“If you’re gonna get here, better be here on time”
So, I jumped in my truck and I threw it into drive
Pulled up to her house and thought “Man alive!”

Whoa-Ho, Man overboard I just went for a dive
Whoa-Ho, Here comes that girl and I’m barely alive
She’s got me a-shaking and a-stuttering, Sweating like nothing
She’s got me tickled down to my toes
Madonna ain’t nothing on her
Just watch that girl go

Well as she oozed in the seat, I picked my eyes off the floor
Every move calculated closing the front door
She had a tight top on and tighter blue jeans
I thought “Give it up to me girl, just give it up to me please!”
She pushed her hair back with her fingertips
Rubbed her tongue along her red-ruby lips