1. What The Hell
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Newly Remastered! Isaac Perry (Bass) and Brian were jamming one afternoon when they came up with this 2010 hit that rose through the radio charts and was the featured soundtrack in the movie 'Boobs: An American Obsession' as well as numerous Discovery and History channel documentaries.


What the Hell
With a plea of redemption
A sad look on my face
When I'm in hot water
When I've fallen from Grace
When the tables have turned
and I've lost the rat race
I look all around me
And I stand in disgrace
Minding my own business
Doing nothing wrong
When out of nowhere
I saw it coming on strong
She rounded the corner
and it wouldn't be long
before peace all around me
was three ways from gone
Aw What the Hell
In the dog house again
Aw What the Hell
I'm guilty of a sin
When I'm in hot water
gotta take it on the chin
But at least in Hell Babe
The devil will make amends
I begged for forgiveness
knowing my own fate
I bowed in remission
But it really was too late
It was a pityful sight
and she didn't take the bait
and I knew it was over
I'd have to play it straight
Now I love my woman
And that aint no lie
But when I get that look Man
I want to crumble up and die
Well theres no place on Earth
that money can buy
To ease her wraith Baby
Just kiss your ass goodbye