'Still Got My Mojo' is now available on all major streaming services 

All 3 EP pre-releases (3 songs each) of 'Still Got My Mojo' (Rock, Live & Blues) are now available on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, Amazon, Pandora, iHeartRadio, etc... We tried Alexa, Google and Cortana and all 3 work like a charm! So, pull out the cell phones and proceed to Rock On!

If you're wondering about the July 1st 2021 release date of the physical album, well that's still happening. CD's and Vinyl's are leaving the shop now and although we've sold out our initial pressing (over 5000 pre-orders with twice as many on back order to date), we're ramping up manufacturing and will have the album in folks hands with, hopefully, only minor delays.

We've turned over release management of the album to Sony and they will immediately begin aggressively marketing it worldwide, so be prepared for a hoopla of hype over the next weeks and months as well as loads of freebies and merchandise!

This release marks a lot of firsts for Brian. Besides selling out on the first day, there are interviews and performances in the works including artist interviews for billboard and for the first time ever! Rolling Stone magazine! And although it's still too early to say yet, Live TV performances are in negotiations too, so keep your eyes peeled and watch for our announcements!

Finally, the entire team wishes to extend their undying appreciation to Brian's loyal following. Throughout the years and especially during his illness you help bolster him up so he could meet this moment. Thank you all for your support!

Here a list of place you can stream Brian's music...

Brian Walton on Apple Music

Brian Walton on Spotify

Brian Walton on Amazon

Brian Walton on Pandora

Brian Walton on iHeartRadio

Brian Walton on SoundCloud

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