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Brian Walton’s Cowgirl Thang Surpasses 7M Streams Amid Plans For Strange Sensation Re-Release, Spawn, Mufasa Movie Soundtracks

Popular American Country, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, Brian Walton, continues to push boundaries as his hit single, “Cowgirl Thang" exceeds expectations with plans for the re-release of “Strange Sensation” with JoAnna Leaton this Christmas. 

It is undoubtedly one of the best years for the multifaceted entertainer, Brian Walton, as his single, Cowgirl Thang blows past 7 million streams this month, far exceeding expectations, according to SoundScan (Nielson). Since the release of the single in April 2022, Cowgirl Thang has been steadily moving up in the charts hitting the Top 100 Country Charts on November 11, making it Brian’s most significant release in decades, and appreciably blowing past the initial projection of 3 million streams. 

In a related development, Brian, in collaboration with vocal powerhouse JoAnna Leaton, has just finished a remake of his 1993 Top 10 hit Strange Sensation, which will be released on all major streaming platforms and stores just in time for Christmas 2022. The song will also be featured next year on Disney+ (2023). Brian aims to deliver the best Christmas gift in a long time to lovers of country music across the globe. 

Brian, who began working for Disney Studios in June 2022, was recently awarded voting membership in the Society of Composers and Lyricists and the Motion Picture Association for his work on the Disney+ series’ The Mandolarian and Andor. He is also set to begin work on the movie soundtracks for the Disney Lion King prequel Mufasa and Todd McFarlane’s Spawn Reboot, featuring Jamie Foxx. Brian, who worked as a Line engineer on the Spawn Reborn Trailer will assume the role of chief engineer/co-composer on both blockbuster films. Disney Studios has slated the release of Mufasa for late 2025 while the release of Spawn Reboot is still tentative, with expectations that it will be around the same time. 

For further information about Brian Walton and his plethora of works, visit - https://www.waltoncity.com/. Brian also has a growing online listenership across digital streaming platforms and social media, including Facebook and Spotify.

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