Brian Walton at Bux's Place August 6th 2015. (Photo Courtesy of Rebecca Larson)

Brian Walton at Bux’s Place August 6th 2015. (Photo Courtesy of Rebecca Larson)

Challis Idaho: The performance at Bux’s Place during the Braun Brothers Reunion Festival turned out to be a huge success! Not only was it standing room only and the dance floor packed all three nights (August 6, 7, & 8th 2015), but we were able to drum up loads of support and donations for the Wounded Warrior Project.

Album Early Release Party

Brian’s new Album “What the …” (Scheduled for official release on August 15th 2015 due to hit store shelves on September 1st 2015) sales well exceeded expectations especially after the artist announced on Friday night that partial proceeds would be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project. Official sales are still being tallied, but estimates suggest roughly $400 was raised for the charity during the 3 day event.

Some CD’s are still available!

We still have roughly 30 pre-release CD’s for sale at Bux’s Place (just ask about it at the bar or contact Brian or Inge) for only $10. Remember partial proceeds will go to the Wounded Warrior Project and of course prices will go up after the album hits the stores on September 1st 2015.

Challis was, by far, the most generous

By far and large, local “Challisites” were the most generous comprising of roughly 60% of all donations collected. Anonymous or “blind” contributions comprised of roughly 90% of total donations and even though we don’t know exactly who all took part, we thank you too.

After Party

To the delight of fans and locals, “Muzzie” Braun broke out his acoustic at the after party down at the Lodge on Saturday night. All attending artists (including Brian) took turns applying their respective vocal talents and wooing folks with rich 5 part harmonies of popular country titles. The party went on well into the wee hours of the morning.

Honorable Mentions

A special “Shout Out” goes out to Billy, Michelle, Teresa, Sabra & Nicole for their hard work and a special mention goes out to Cheryl, Rebecca, Chris, Bobby and Kathy for donating their time and effort. To all our friends at Bux’s Place and and in Challis we extend a very special “Thank you” for taking Brian and Inge into your hearts and making them feel at home.

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