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Watch That Girl Go

Suck in yout Gut and Check your Breath, Boys! About Another track originally written for the cosmetic industry, “Watch that

July 27, 2015
That Girl Knows How To Wear Them Blues

Party at the honky tonk! About Written for a microbrewery, the jingle version has been featured in national radio and

July 20, 2015
I Love my Truck

Love partying, barbecuing, fishing and just plain having a good time? Then you love your truck. About Written originally as

July 19, 2015
Black Widow

Hot chicks can be dangerous, but it can be worth it. About Written originally as a jingle for maybelline cosmetics,

July 19, 2015
Brian Walton - What the ...
Album – What the Hell
Brian Walton at Oskar Blues, Loveland Colorado, 2009 What the Hell is a compilation of works produced by Brian Walton
July 19, 2015
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