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Brian Walton - What the ...

What the …. album by Brian Walton

Time to start the weekend in style!


This song was written explicitly as a jingle for the maybelline cosmetics line and I wasn’t originally going to include it on the album, because I thought it too commercial, but the fans wanted it, so here it is!


Written, Performed and Produced by: Brian Walton
Instruments: ’83 Fender Telecaster, ’77 Fender Stratocaster, Frontman Fender R-212, ’97 Fender Precision Bass, Kurzweil PC3K8 88-Key Production Station, Avid Pro-Tools Native Production Suite, iZotope Ozone Mastering Suite.


It’s quitting the time clock rings
Time to close up, get out and grab my things
The weekends started, been dreaming the whole day through
Of all the things I’m gonna to do.

It’s about time I got out of this place
To wind down and set a different pace
To get some peace from this crazy world around me
Time to find some harmony

And it feels like a drink of water
And it feels like fresh spring breeze
No more worries. ‘Cause the work day’s done
I feel like dancing in the pouring rain

So I packed my bags and locked the door
Turned my back on the place I was before
Looking forward now to what I might see
Off to make reality

Hopped in my car and turned the radio on
Threw it in gear and in seconds I was gone
Out on the highway of dreams and destiny
Riding away into new country

It’s about time to leave behind these tired and worn out dreams
Time to take it in stride by clearing my mind of all those messed up things
Yeah. No more goddamned schemes

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